Design for humans,
not machines

Design is our core

We are designers. And we love the technology that surrounds us. All the lovely digital products, services and machines which we use in our daily life. We design this technology into human-centered, beautiful digital experiences. Read selected showcase stories to learn more about our services, skills and interests.

Start odd to finish right

Our design process starts with curiosity, disruptive thinking and research. We challenge assumptions and walk off beaten paths. This way we gain a deep understanding of users, their needs and desires. To create products which have purpose and solve real problems. With the right features for the right people.

User Experience

User Experience design answers the 'why' you want to use a product. It is the thoroughly crafted concept behind a flawless and satisfying digital experience. Sounds like magic? We believe it is rather based on a profound understanding of the humans using a technology. That is why we put the users in the core of our design process: to explore their needs, remove potential barriers and find sustainable solutions. To do the magic.

Interaction Design

Interaction is the dialog between humans and machines — and interfaces are their common language. Whenever you use a machine, app or software you communicate through haptic buttons, touch panels, gestures, voice or maybe even your thoughts. Interaction Design answers the 'how' you use a digital product. We design innovative interfaces to create fluid, intuitive and consistent human-machine communications. So nobody gets lost in translation.

Visual Design

Visual design means to make things look nice, right? Not for us. We believe visual design is the embodiement of a great user experience and interaction paradigms. Visual components like typography, colors or icons are crucial to facilitate interactions, enhance usability and to give a digital product a unique character to stand out against competing products. That is why we are passionate about creating appealing interfaces down to a single pixel.

Inside our studio

Magnetum is a small team of dedicated designers with a strong scientific and technological background. And we work with a pool of highly creative people. Handpicked. All of them experts and passionate about their work. No matter if this is a lonely pixel or single line of code.

Matthäus Eckert


Passionate designer who loves to use technology to create unique digital experiences. Worked with small and global teams for automotive, mobile, industrial and retail projects. Always playing around with visual experiments, installations and nerdy sport data. Transfers his design knowledge and experiences to university students on a regular basis. Because sharing is caring.

Stefan Bukacek


Loves to bring technology and design together. Has experience in working as well with founders as within big corporate teams. Always looking for new ways on how devices and software can make life better and make humans focus on enjoying life. Likes to push the limits of existing IT and design solutions even if change seems impossible. Interested in an systemic and holistic approach that makes it possible to see any project in context of its surrounding culture.

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We love working in interdisciplinary and agile teams. We seek innovative projects and ideas. We appreciate open-minded clients who are not afraid of disruptive thinking and bold visions. Sounds good?